Monday, August 4, 2014

Thpmas More on Faith in a Time of Tribulation

Letter from prison, 1534 (trans. Breviary 22/06 rev.)

"Lord, save me!"

Mistrust him, Meg, I will not though I feel myself faint. Yea, and though I should feel my fear even at point to overthrow me too, yet shall I remember how Saint Peter with a blast of a wind began to sink for his faint faith, and shall do as he did, call upon Christ and pray him to help. And then I trust he shall set his holy hand upon me, and in the stormy seas, hold me up from drowning.

Yea, and if he suffer me to play Saint Peter further and to fall full to the ground and swear and forswear too, (which our Lord for his tender passion keep me from), and let me lose if it is so befall… Yet after shall I trust that his goodness will cast upon me his tender piteous eye, as he did upon Saint Peter (cf Lk 22,61) and make me stand up again and confess the truth of my conscience afresh and abide the shame and the harm here of my own fault.

And. finally, Margaret, this I know very well that, without my fault, he will not let me be lost. I shall therefore with good hope commit myself wholly to him… And therefore, mine own good daughter, never trouble thy mind for anything that ever shall keep me in this world. Nothing can come but that which God wills. And I make myself very sure that whatever that be, seem it never so bad in sight, it shall in deed be best

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