Thursday, July 10, 2014


Egotists flee truth to so many points of the compass. A favorite refuge is in clatter and confusion. Every sinner loves what is noisy, because it distracts him from his real self. Hell is full of noise and is probably full of clocks that emphasize the time that never passes. Silence is helpful because noise forces the egotist to reflect, to shift his terror from the Goodness he dreads facing to a terror of his own condition; it changes his fear of Truth into a fear of the truth of his own dissolution. Silence isolates us from the crowds that love to pool their misery; an unhappy civilization is always gregarious Quiet tears one away from the misleading approval of the mob and from the rationalizing slogans of the crowds.  Nothing is so good for the soul as a spiritual retreat where, in the requiem of prayers and contemplation, the soul makes itself receptive to new insights and energies that come directly from God.  Windows are opened and new lights let in; a strong wind of resolution blows across the soul, driving away the dust that had too long covered it.  In silence, one awakens from his sleep; all souls are like sleepwalkers, their eyes shut against the noble lives they ought to lead.  As a sleepwalker will not awaken to every sound but will often respond when his name is called, so the soul in Silence hears the divine vocation and awakens--for the Shepherd calls His sheep by name.
       Fulton J, Sheen, Lift Up Your Heart

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