Wednesday, July 9, 2014

About Mexican Children and Other Aliens--Why Are Conservatives Acting Like This????

I got a letter in my email today protesting Cardinal O'Malley's position on the immigrant children. It was written by a Catholic conservative who disagrees with the Cardinal mainly, it seems, because Obama agrees with him. Here is his letter and my response:

You may not agree with my comments to Boston's Cardinal O'Malley, however, when I read he was at the border (with others) calling for the President and Congress to "take care" of the tens of thousand of children crossing our borders without parents, I took umbrage with his position.

Here is the letter I sent via his website:

"I read with interest that Cardinal O'Malley was at our southern border calling for immigration reform - which includes a path to citizenship for illegals. Never mind the majority will vote for pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage politicians, what message does that send to those who have applied for legal entry into our nation?
"I wonder if the Cardinal thinks children crossing 1000 miles of Mexico without parents is a good thing? Or if it is a good thing take children from their parents? As a life long PRACTICING Catholic and co-founder of Coalition of Judeo/Christian Values: Faith, Family & Freedom, a faith based ministry, I do not share this vision. If the Cardinal wants a better life for these children and their parents, he needs to improve conditions in their homeland.
"When leaders such as Cardinal O'Malley begin excommunicating so called Catholic politicians such as Pelosi, Biden and the late Senator Kennedy then I'll begin to have respect for their social justice views."

Here is my reply:

You may not understand why these people come here, and maybe if you do that will inform your opinions. It looks like the usual liberal enabling of deadbeats, especially when Obama is behind any effort to help anyone. It's like Satan offering help. However, improving conditions in Mexico is not going to happen any time soon (unless we let them work here, and send money home to stabilize their families). One of the problems Mexico has, is the US. The drug cartels there do not exist to feed Mexican drug addiction. They exist because Americans buy their drugs. Mexicans are horrified by drug addiction and they live in dire poverty. Some of them in Tiajuana--entire families--live in garbage dumps. In the dumps. In shacks. They can look across the border and see San Diego. What would you do if you lived in a garbage dump and had to feed your children? They are a Catholic people, They were Catholic before America existed. Not that Catholicism is a reason to help anyone, but it should certainly help you to identify with them.
When they were being killed for being Catholics, they developed the Christero movement, which resisted the persecution of Catholicism in Mexico by a socialist president. Their faith has been tested by a political climate much worse than ours. They come over here and are happy to do menial work. They pay taxes (sales taxes) and go to school and get straight As and grow up to be good, even great, Americans. Some of them serve in our armed forces without being citizens. They have nothing but good things to contribute to our country. Demanding that they go back to Mexico and "get jobs" is ignorant and shows a lack of compassion. I don't like Obama or the Democrats either, but I have lived in Mexico, and I know many Mexicans here illegally, and I have not met one who is pro abortion, or not pious and hard working. I'm sure criminals come over here as well, but most of the crooks are staying in Mexico because they can thrive in that corrupt system.
I am sorry I cannot agree with your position, although I understand it. It is possible that Obama's solution, which I haven't really looked at, is a bad one--these people don't want welfare, and they don't need it.They are happy to work. They even enjoy it.  But we should not be arresting and deporting them and accusing them of bringing disease here. That borders on racism.  The disease is our disease, addiction, and they have suffered from it and died from it and they want out. So would you or I.
Don't let the liberals scare us away from the truth, because if they espouse it sometimes, it is probably only by coincidence. :-)

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