Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Has Become of Man?

"What has         
become of man as conceived by this atheist humanism? A being that can still hardly be called a 'being'--a thing that has no content, a cell completely merged in a mass that is in process of becoming: 'social and historical man' , of whom all that remains is pure abstraction, apart from the social relations and the position in time by which he is defined. There is no stability or depth left in him, and it is no good looking for any inviolable retreat there or claiming to discover any value exacting universal respect. There is nothing to prevent his being used as material or as a tool either for the preparation of some future society or for ensuring here and now, the dominance of one privileged group. There is not even anything to prevent his being cast aside as useless."

Henri de Lubac

The Drama of Atheist Humanism

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