Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Morning 6AM EDT

Every Sunday morning if you are up you can pray the Angelus live  with Pope Francis. (Now because it is Easter it is the Regina Caeli). St  Peter's Square is always full of  people from all over Italy and from the rest of the world (rain or shine), calling out to him, waving  banners from parishes, church groups and schools and of course parents holding up their children. It isn't a formal event orchestrated by PR people; there is no voice over, no commentators, no translation.  (I am learning a little Italian myself just by watching.)
Its probably the only way for most of us to see him and pray with him and receive his blessing as if we were right there in Rome. It is a wonderful way to start the week and experience being a Roman Catholic. In his brief sermons he talks  to the people as if he were preaching in a small neighborhood church. Sometimes he exhorts the crowd to repeat certain phrases back to him--and there is always a roar from the people in response. A man speaking to the whole world from a tiny window. We say the prayer at the end, he blesses us, and he tells the people "Bonna Domenica--E buon pranzo!" (have a good Sunday and a good lunch!).
If you are up on Sunday, if you want a little spiritual shot in the arm, turn on EWTN or watch the live feed online. You'll get to see the Pope as he is--happy, loving, fatherly, relaxed and familiar. Even if you don't know Italian or Latin you will recognize the love.

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