Monday, June 9, 2014

Restoring the Mass

 I came across an article in the New Oxford Review from 2010  about fixing the Mass--restoring its reverence and beauty, or at least starting the process. It reminded me of how sad it is to see people abusing the Eucharist, usually in complete ignorance of what they are doing. (Ignorance is not an excuse, because they should know--their ignorance is itself reprehensible, and stems from what I suspect is laziness more than disrespect.) I accompanied some high-falutin' ladies to a nursing home where they were to distribute Communion to the residents. They call themselves--I kid you not--The Ladies of Grace.  It was an awkward process, and I was kind of horrified to see the consecrated host carried in paper cups. One of the women had an extra wafer left over, and she at a loss as to what she could do with it. It being consecrated, and all.  Her face lit up--"I know! I'll give it to my husband!" And she popped it in her purse.
     If you aren't as old as I am, and don't remember the way Mass was celebrated before Vatican II, you won't be horrified. But really, you should be.
     There is nothing left but for those of us who believe in the Real Presence to continue annoying, pestering, exhorting, and praying for the Bishops, the Pope, anybody--to take the first, difficult steps towards restoring the practice of Catholicism to some semblance of reverence for the supernatural. 
     Two young girls just tried to murder a third because they believed in an online boogey man.
       Perhaps they were not given anything better to believe in.


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