Saturday, June 21, 2014

Father Brown on Natural Law

     The taller priest nodded his bowed head and said, 'Ah, yes, these modern infidels appeal to their reason,but who can look at those millions of worlds and not feel that there may well be wonderful universes where reason is utterly unreasonable?'
     'No,' said the other priest, 'reason is always reasonable, even in the last limbo, in the lost borderland of things. I know that people charge the Church with lowering reason, but it is just the other way. Alone on earth, the Church makes reason really supreme. Alone on earth, the Church affirms that God himself is bound by reason.'
     The other priest raised his austere face to the spangled sky and said,'Yet who knows if in that infinite universe--?'
     'Only infinite physically,' said the little priest, turning sharply in hi seat, 'not infinite in the sense of escaping from the laws of truth.'...
...'Reason and justice grip the remotest and the loneliest star. Look at those stars.Don't they look as if they were single diamonds and sapphires? Well you can imagine any mad botany or geology you please.Think of forests of adamant with leaves of brilliants. Think the moon is a blue moon, a single elephantine sapphire. But don't fancy that all that  frantic astronomy would make the smallest difference to the reason and justice of conduct. On plains of opal, under cliffs cut out of pearl,you would still find a notice-board, "Thou shalt not steal." '

(from The Stories of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton)

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