Thursday, June 19, 2014

Archbishop Kurtz Startled: Families from Other Countries Are Different than Americans

Archbishop Kurtz  seems to have had a learning experience when he read the introduction to a document based on consultations with the faithful concerning problems plaguing families in Asia, Africa and South America:
it was eye opening for me to listen to other bishops from other parts of the world, and then I thought, 'gee, the issues on new evangelization that they have are little different, in their challenges.'”

     Yes, I imagine it must have been a learning experience. You see, families in other parts of the world have been traditionally more stable than families here in the US. They don't have a lot of divorce and abortion--one could make the following distinction: Families in other countries aren't destroying themselves from within, as American families are. They are threatened from outside forces--wars, poverty, human trafficking and yes, the introduction of abortion and birth control into their cultures by Planned Parenthood and the United Nations.
     I had a conversation a long time ago with a college friend who was upset that young Mexican women were not using birth control. I tried to explain to her that it was against their values and their culture, and that having babies young and getting married was in their tradition.  For all of our vaunted "tolerance" of diverse cultures, we stop short at tolerating their traditions and their morals.  We do not tolerate them at all, in fact--we tend to treat them as inferior creatures because they live in more primitive circumstances than we do, and because they respect institutions and societal roles we consider obsolete--like marriage and motherhood.  If you have ever been to Mexico City on Mother's Day you will see the streets and avenues strung with lights and decorations as abundantly as they are on Christmas. You don't try to sell abortion to people who have that kind of respect for their mothers.
     So, no, the issues are not the same. We want to destroy our own families and receive the Church's blessing. They want to save their families, and we are turning them back from our borders as if they were vermin, and trying to impose our narcissistic values on people who quite frankly are repelled by the way we live here. Whether divorced and remarried people are "allowed" to commit the sacrelige of receiving communion while living in public sin, or whether the Church stands up for itself, our problems are very, very different. Third world families need protection, prayers, help; divorced and remarried Catholics need to repent. Different kind of evangelization, I'd say.


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