Sunday, June 29, 2014

Acting With God--

    To believe means to be certain that God is acting since the beginning of creation until its end through the unfolding of all historical periods. To believe means doing what is demanded by the situation at the present moment and collaborating in the presence of god's actions toward the goal that God intends, namely, the second coming of Jesus and the victory of God's kingdom. So we do well to break through the surface of a pure system of doctrines and acknowledge that God is doing something even today, even here, even also with me. I must place myself in this convergence of things, and I must join in it, act in it, and fight for it. It is in this convergence that the meaning of "hope" will become significant and clear to me. That is, hope means having the confidence that Christ's good news will be realized despite everything that brings about the resistance of disbelief and disobedience and despite the apparent impossibility of the realization of the good news. Hope means trusting that the rebirth to new life will surely come about in me and in creation.
Romano Guardini, Spiritual Writings

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