Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Would These Bishops Give Communion To HenryVIII?

There is a very real possibility that by majority rule, communion will be allowed for the divorced and remarried. This, says Father Carlo Buzzi, a missionary in Bangladesh, would be a bad thing:
If we give communion to the remarried, it also means that they no longer need to confess, because this is not a sin anymore. So the ninth commandment falls apart. But the sixth commandment falls apart too.
      If this is tolerated, then with other grave sins as well communion can be received without confession. And the other commandments also fall apart.
       In this way everything is blown sky-high. New and Old Testament. Time to remake the whole of morality, of patristics. To figure out from scratch what is sin and what is not. Goodbye to the notion of crime and sin. 
 There is no proportion between this granting of communion to the remarried and the great and grave consequences of disorientation and reaction that would take place in the Church and in the world. For many it would be too painful to accept. I think that there is nothing to be lost in leaving things the way they are. But introducing this concession could bring consequences, and serious ones. There have been schisms among the Anglicans when the majority has decided things that have gone against the conscience of many.

You should read the rest of his statement here , in its proper context.

     It looks like the First World Catholics, those living in the rich and selfish countries are in danger of exercising their own brand of cultural imperialism.

      An Evangelical Christian of my acquaintance wonders why disaffected Catholics don't just join another church. And there is good precedent--look at Henry VIII, for a start, although he simply appropriated one. And of course many have done that,especially in America, where we invent new religions in our spare time. Maybe its a social thing--maybe the aura of respectability trumps intellectual honesty. Maybe they're just too lazy, and the veneer of respectability achieved by belonging to a Catholic parish  is good enough. Maybe they like the architecture, and the churches are big enough to hold really ostentatious weddings. There is something in every human soul which longs for fulfillment in the infinite, and maybe the prospect of being a pretend Catholic is better than being an honest heathen. I don't know. I suspect its a case of misery loving company.

     If the Bishops were actually awake, they might realize that giving some people permission to receive communion while in a kind of spiritual limbo will add nothing to anyone's state of soul. There are probably hundreds of thousands of sacreliges against the Eucharist committed daily by Catholics who are in a state of serious sin, but a lot of Catholics have  been living in  a carefully cultivated   mental and moral fog since the 70s.  If anyone seriously thinks that  giving one group of them permission to do what  so many do already, albeit unconsciously (we hope) will have any benefit for anyone, he is deluding himself.  It's like the mythical pregnant 8 year old raped by her grandfather, used as a justification for universal abortion.  I doubt there are many tortured souls out there, remarried outside the church, who are suffering greatly because they cannot receive communion. Bishops I have a news flash: most of them go to communion anyway. 

      What makes you think, your excellencies, that people who do not respect the sacrament of matrimony have any  respect for the sacrament of the Eucharist?

    The indissolubility of Marriage is at least intuitively obvious.

     As Father Buzzi points out, the commandments are connected to each other. They are not separate categories in a Power Point presentation. And they all point back to the first and most important one.

     I notice a lot of very devout laypeople on tv, touting varied and strikingly original versions of evangelization. They talk a good game. and they do seem to want to live holy, Catholic lives and share the treasure of faith with others. They talk a lot about the virtues of poverty, and of being detached from one's weath, which is important in this very wealthy country; and they talk about chastity, which is a virtue we sorely need to recover, perhaps especially in the Church. One lady, a famous convert, even invented her own habit to wear after her husband died. Yes, she was talking about her life and her devotions and her books.

     What do I not hear about very much from American Catholics? There's poverty, and there's chastity--but I do not hear a lot of talk about obedience. Do these Bishops really want to bring down the missions, drive out the remaining orthodox Catholics, and turn the Church of Thomas More  into a joke?

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