Friday, May 9, 2014

Nuns to Rome: More New Age Obfuscation ... !?$#!*

     I don't want to call these women pagans. I have too much respect for so many respectable pagans-- the ancient Greeks, Buddhists, and Hindus, who created and contributed to civilization, as well as those more primitive animist religions which embody an awareness and respect for nature as well as what CS Lewis called the "numinous"; all of them seem  to lead good lives, and all of them  make the world a better place in many different ways, all over the world. No, the  Leadership Conference of Women Religious is not pagan. And now after Cardinal Mueller's reprimand,  they might be in danger of no longer being considered Catholic. By Rome, anyway.
     Unfortunately his words did not penetrate the intellectual fog which in which these women obviously make their home. Although their response is almost impossible to decipher (being written as it is, in new-age feel-good catholic-speak, which bears no resemblance plain English) they seem to maintain in their defense that they do not "see themselves" in the "assessment" given by the Vatican, which reflects what they consider to be an "institutionalized perception". (See what I mean about not speaking English?)
    I think this means that they claim the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is wrong. Although they are unclear as to what, exactly, the Vatican's error consists of, (lack of clarity seems at this point not a failing but a deliberate tactic on their part) they sadly express a willingness to do something they call "dialogue".
     Well, Sisters, a dialogue is a conversation, which requires two parties, each of whom listens to the other. You have not listened to Rome for many years, have you? You have enjoyed all of the prerogatives of Catholic nuns--the  obedience of the laity, because we were brought up to respect you, the acquiescence of the male clergy, because they are probably frankly terrified of you, and the support of feminists inside and outside the church--because that is your real family. Now that Cardinal Mueller has laid the Vatican's cards on the table, and you have refused to listen, you are about to lose the very traditions and supports that held you in place for so many years. We put up with your tyranny  patiently for so many decades because  of the traditions you so casually renounced. And we did it out of a spirit of obedience--something you may have forgotten about.
      Speaking for myself, that's about to end.


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