Thursday, May 29, 2014

"...Men of Galilee, Why do you stand looking up into Heaven?..." (Acts 1:11)

   Angel are great for interrupting humans who are lost in thought and about to go off onto an emotional tangent...they're not quite impatient, but they are great for reigning in the wandering thoughts and wild speculations of religious people, whose heads are apt to be in the clouds. They had to remind the women at the tomb not to look for the living among the dead, and at the Ascension they brought the disciples back to earth. One would expect the apostles, as Pope Benedict XVI writes in Jesus of Nazareth, to be very sad that Jesus was no longer with them. Yet they were not. They were filled with Joy.

     This is because when Jesus went to the Father, he was not going to a far-off star (as Pope Benedict writes) but to be with the God who is omnipresent, the source of our being, who is everywhere. Jesus is present to us in the Eucharist, in the events of our lives, in our hearts and our inmost beings, and there is not one insignificant detail of our lives in which he is not with us. He is always here now. God cannot be conceived, or depicted, or even really described---and he is not so much in everything, as everything is in him. Every aspect of creation down to the tiniest particles of matter are in him and from him. And he is Love. He didn't go away, he came closer. Until the end of time. So have a great Ascension Thursday.

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