Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heaven? or Demonic Joke?

Heaven is for Real  is not for real. It is at best a fantasy-fueled deception, at worst a demonic mockery of Christian faith and hope. Anyone who reads biblical accounts of the real thing will be struck by the difference between the words of those who have had some experience of that most mysterious and indescribable state, and daydreams. People who experience God cannot describe him, and they will tell you that, right away. They will not tell you Jesus' eye color, or that he rode a horse with a pink band around it with a diamond in the center, or that  he made a rainbow for them when asked, or any other such claptrap.

Mark Twain wrote a wonderful book called Christian Science in which he described a sweet, blond-haired little boy very deliberately picking up a bible and  kissing it, fully aware that he had an audience.  That is the impression I had when I watched the Heaven is for Real kid describing his encounter with Our Lord. That I was watching a performance. He even moved his eyes to the left while telling his story, as liars are said to do,

Alas, otherwise sensible Catholics are swallowing this bilge. Luckily for us, evangelical Christians actually do read the Bible and can spot a fake pretty quickly. Here is an excellent analysis of the current crop of "near death" mystics  by Phil Johnson

By the way, anyone who's ever done any research on actual  demonic activities knows that one of the tests used to determine whether or not, for example, a possession is really demonic, is to ascertain whether or not the possessed person can identify a hidden object: in the ability to display some kind of prescience is often a sign, not of the Holy Spirit, but of  another less benign type of spirit.  That the child could describe what people in other rooms were doing while he was unconscious is not  necessarily indicative of divine inspiration.

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